See Beyond the Background Check is now online

Business owners are under much scrutiny. Review sites such as Angie’s List, Google and Yelp keep them accountable for the way they conduct business. A site called Glassdoor invites employees to review their former (or current) employers. DORA, the labor board and other government and private groups make sure that employees are treated fairly and not discriminated against. Mature business owners will recognize all of that as a good thing. Accountability improves quality, productivity, efficiency, honesty, and generally promotes good ethics. Perhaps most importantly, review sites expose criminals posing as good intentioned business owners.

Since the quality of any given product or service is so closely tied in with employee attitude and conduct, imagine how consumer satisfaction would improve if each employee were held publicly to the same high standard as each individual business owner. Imagine how that would improve not only the reputation and success of a business, but how it would effect the attitudes and lifestyle of each community's workforce.

Sadly, a disservice has been done to the workforce at large which has resulted in a contingent of working people that can now be labeled as "toxic". Due to a lack of accountability, many employees know they can act with impunity. After being fired for a streak of poor performance (or even downright criminal behavior) all they have to do is leave that employer off their resume or list of references, and they’re in the clear. And just as consumers deserve a way to complain about the bad service the received at their local restaurant, businesses need a way to share the experience they've had with a particular employee. It's that fear of consequences for one's bad behavior that drives people to behave, until “being good” just becomes natural. That’s the psychology behind the entire review industry. And it works.

The aim of ToxicLabor is to restore dignity and self respect to millions of working people through the popular medium of the online review. This in turn should result in a higher quality of life for each community's workforce, a better quality of product or service for consumers and a higher degree of success for aspiring business owners.