See Beyond the Background Check

ToxicLabor - Rules of use

The reason ToxicLabor exists is to improve the workforce, community by community. Accountability breeds responsibility and we need you to report responsibly so please adhere to a few ground rules..

• First of all, you should be providing your employees with basic policies and training so they know what is expected of them in the workplace. Draft policy statements and know your local laws and regulations. Give employees plenty of chances to correct poor performance because in the grand scheme of things we’re all human. 

• Before you report an employee to ToxicLabor, document their bad conduct and write up a disciplinary action form. Be sure to have the employee in question sign everything.

• It’s important that you publish professional content. No profanity, no conjecture, no exaggeration, state only the facts.

• No nit-picking. Don’t use ToxicLabor to report that your employee called out sick once this month.  

• No piling on. Don't go on a rant about all the things you hate about your employee. Pick the one pressing issue that you feel deserves attention and describe it in factual detail.

• Reporting here should be seen as a last resort. when someone commits a crime that goes unpunished, or when they simply refuse to correct their toxic behavior it’s time to sign on and inform the community. Generally speaking, you will only report someone once they have been terminated.

 • Don’t be afraid to post the truth. If you’re afraid of repercussions for telling us why your employee is toxic, then you are part of the problem. Don’t let them act with impunity.

Remember, we’re not here so you can “get back at someone” we’re here because knowing that you actively report to will deter crime and toxic behavior in general, improving not only the quality of the product or service you’re providing but also the culture and atmosphere at your business.