See Beyond the Background Check

Employees - Top 4 ways to stay off of ToxicLabor

Just as businesses vye for the best possible grade on Google, Yelp and Angie's List, employees want to know what they can do to keep a squeaky clean image on ToxicLabor. The following list spells out the basic, common sense approach to keeping yourself off of our database:

1) Care about your job.
Maybe the job you currently have is just a stepping stone on your road to fame and fortune. That's fine! Regardless of how unimportant a current position might seem, it's the means by which your current boss feeds her family. Not only that, but his customers depend on the product or service being provided. So care about the job. Care about your role at the company. Care about and follow your boss's policies and procedures and do a great job while you're there.

2) Give notice of your intent to quit.
Nothing earns you a report on ToxicLabor faster than giving little to no notice about your intent to leave the company. No one is required to work anywhere. But if you aren't happy and want to leave, be responsible and stick it out by giving your boss 2 weeks notice. That way they'll have time to replace you. That will keep your coworkers from having to cover your vacated shifts. It will also keep customers happy when the product or service they depend on doesn't suffer due to your unexpected departure.

3) Refuse to "no call no show".
You stayed up all night throwing up, your mom's in the hospital, and someone stole your car. That's terrible. Let your boss know that you can't come in. Find a way, any way to warn them. Communication methods are abundant. Text, call, email, leave a message, do anything you can to reach out and let them know you cannot come in. You can ask the person sitting next to you in the ER waiting room or at the bus stop to send a quick text or make a quick call. Just have the common courtesy to let them know you can't make it.

4) Don't be a lying cheating thief.
Basic moral values dictate that you don't steal from anyone for any reason. If your boss docked your paycheck, he may be a jerk (or you may have deserved it), but two wrongs don't make a right. It's wrong to take company supplies. It's wrong to steal from clients. It's wrong to steal from the cash register. It's also wrong to steal customers from the company. No matter what justification you think you have, just don't.

In addition to these you'll want to follow basic work rules, like showing up for work, being punctual and of course being sober at work. You can't control what anyone around you does, but you can control yourself. If you do what's right, ethical and good you'll move up in the world and you'll stay off of ToxicLabor.