See Beyond the Background Check


Share your toxic experience



Avoid toxic employees

It's Simple



Deter apathy and crime. By exposing unacceptable behavior you change the culture and attitude of your local workforce.



See beyond the background check. You'll need a legal name, date of birth and social security number. And as they say "no news, is good news."



Save time, save money, save headaches for you and your customers.

Toxic Labor - See Beyond the Background Check

Pricing Information

Create A Report

One Time Report

This charge deters false reports and so increases the validity of the database for you and all employers.

Monthly Unlimited Reporting
$39per month

Post unlimited reports for this low fee to help keep this critical database active for you and all employers.

Annual Unlimited Reporting
$199per year

Improve your community's workforce through active reporting at our lowest report pricing.

Conduct A Search

Unlimited Search
$299per year

Instantly access our database to learn the work history of a new, current or former employee. You must know their legal name, birthdate and social security number to conduct a search.

Report & Search

Unlimited Report & Search
$399per year

The perfect package for the business owner, hiring manager or HR rep who takes accountability seriously. Freely conduct searches and create as many reports as necessary. Change the landscape of your community's workforce.

What People What Are Saying

  • I keep up on my computer monitor during interviews. I mention my philosophy, that the hardest working¬†employees deserve fast advancement and raises. Then I mention that people with poor work ethic and bad attitudes end up on ToxicLabor. The shift in attitude and¬†dependability from new recruits is astonishing.

    Brian Enyart - Castle Fresh Housecleaning - Denver, CO